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“Quality control” activities applied to software programs designed for devices such as:

  • Personal Computer (laptop, tablet PC)
  • Smartphone (iOS and Android platforms)
  • Tablet (iOS and Android platforms)
  • Wearable device (smartwatch, fitness bracelets, 3D viewers)
  • Smart TV
  • Appliances connected (washing machines, vacuum cleaners, …)
  • Drones
  • Connected car (navigation services, infotainment, etc.)
  • ….

The checks that are performed can be aimed at various objectives:

  • Search for malfunctions (bugs)
  • Identification of interventions on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the system (texts not translated or with unclear translations, functions to be renamed, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the system GUI in terms of “user frendly” setting.
  • Evaluation on the structure of the navigation tree of the software
  • Performance Testing. Type of test aimed at verifying that the response times of the various functions are compatible with those expected.

The types of tests to be performed may vary according to the life cycle of the app / system and the objectives of the QA activity carried out with the support of AppCare.

  • New app / system. All the functionalities of the new application are verified, including the functions of connection with other apps / systems (if any) and including the traces implemented.
  • New version of an already existing app / system. The checks concern:
    • The new features introduced with the release including the relevant traces. The test includes an assessment of “usability” (paths of “navigation” between the various functions and the adopted GUI solutions)
    • The “non-regression tests” in which the functionalities already present in the app / system occur and which may have been damaged by the development of the new functions. This type of test is carried out when the verification of the new functionalities introduced by the release including the verification of the fixes has been completed.


Verification activities of multimedia content delivery services aimed at identifying problems such as:

  • Video interruptions
  • Video interruptions with “buffering wheel” display
  • Video interruptions with error messages
  • Video not in focus
  • Grainy videos with evidence of the pixels with which the image is composed
  • Video jumping (jumping effect)
  • Audio interruptions
  • Audio not synchronized with video content

Tests can be performed in agreed days / hours in order to evaluate a specific content delivered at a defined time. The activity can also be carried out at night or during holidays.

Activity aimed at evaluating the user experience in the opening phase of a package packaged mainly in the context of e-commerce services. In fact, an unpacking (or unboxing) of a product requires a careful selection of packaging and transport materials, with the aim of presenting the content in a refined, effective and functional way. The aim is to create added value for customers, to the advantage of the entrepreneurial image of the seller. All this to create a positive customer experience that is reflected in a high image of the seller and often helps to produce positive ratings on social channels.

The test can be documented with video footage.

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