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Low prices because …

AppCare is a guarantee of very low rates. This is thanks to the “business model” chosen that provides for the use of highly experienced resources that perform this activity as an integration to their existing social security treatment.

This choice, in addition to determining competitive rates, is also a guarantee of high quality as the execution of control activities benefits from the considerable experience gained by the AppCare Resources in large organizations.

Following are some reference parameters that allow to evaluate the economic commitment of the activity carried out by the AppCare Resources.

  • Value gg / man = € 200
  • Value for single low-level bug = € 2
  • Value for a single medium level bug = € 4
  • Value for single high-level bug = € 6
  • Value for a single “blocking” level bug = 10 €

Charging mode.

As a rule, the activity of QA is evaluated on the basis of two components:

  • Fixed quota. It covers the implementation of the agreed test activities such as, for example, the execution of the different Test Rules.
  • Variable quota. It is a value that refers to the malfunctions detected in the test activity. The value varies according to the severity of the detected bug.

Each activity is, therefore, subject to a specific evaluation that considers elements such as:

  • The complexity of the system to be tested
  • The amount of Test Rules to be tested.
  • The availability of test rules already defined by the customer rather than the need to implement them
  • The availability of devices provided by the client / already in the availability of AppCare rather than the need to have to supply specific devices
  • The types of tests to be carried out (functional tests, performance tests, non-regression tests, …)

With AppCare the cost / benefit ratio is a winning element that allows you to get the best results with a reduced economic commitment.tati con un ridotto impegno economico.

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