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The methodology applied by AppCare considers the following elements:

  • drafting of the Test Cases (TC) / TC use made by the Customer. The tests are performed on the basis of specific documents (TC) that describe in detail what to test and with which methods. These documents can be produced by AppCare rather than provided by the Customer.
  • The implementation of functional tests based on the defined test cases and that can be integrated “in progress” based on what emerges from the actual use of the app.
  • Use of AppCare devices / use of devices provided by the Customer. The type of device to be used in the test determines the use of instruments found by AppCare rather than provided by the Customer. Normally in the case of systems used by “standard” devices (eg a website to be tested on a laptop), the test tools are made available by AppCare. On the other hand, in the case of tests on highly specific devices (eg a specific model of smartwatch) the devices are supplied by the Customer.

Other methodological aspects concern:

  • the classification of detected malfunctions; from the “show stopper” bug to the “non blocking” problem considered as a “change request” to be evaluated for the next version
  • the use of issue tracking platforms such as JIRA or Mantis (already installed at Customers)
  • The documentation of the malfunctions found also with the aid of “crash report” (in cases where the malfunction produces a crash that is stored on the device in use for the test).
  • The execution of successive test cycles on new versions (build) of the app to check the correction of malfunctions (fix). A number of verification cycles will be performed to obtain a version of the app in which there are no longer any bugs considered by the customer blockers for release in production.
  • The documentation of the malfunctions considered by the Customer as “non blocking” and that can be solved in later versions of the app.
  • The implementation of “non-regression” tests on the final version of the app ready for release on the stores. In this test session all the functionalities of the application will be re-tested in order to verify possible impacts deriving from the correction activities carried out during the fix / test cycles.

Methods and tools are agreed with the Customer based on their needs.

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