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AppCare‘s quality assurance services are aimed at those who in companies or software houses carry out the “quality control” activity which may concern:

  • the creation of an app or a system
  • the provision of multimedia content
  • e-commerce services

These activities can be managed internally by the software house that created the app / system or by the company functions (IT, Marketing) in whose duties falls the responsibility of the quality level produced / delivered. The involvement of a “third party” (AppCare) in the quality control produces an improvement of the results because the AppCare resources are not conditioned by the activities carried out internally and that, for example, regarding the software they refer to:

  • implementation of the app or system (SW House or internal IT function) that can lead the programmer to apply, during tests, the setting followed during the development of the software, omitting other “paths” in which there may be malfunctions
  • definition of functional specifications (company function responsible for the definition of “specs”) that can cause a focus of the internal tester in the logical paths defined by the functional design of the software. This is in the (very frequent) situation in which the internal resources that define the “specifications” coincide with those that then carry out the tests

The resources of AppCare are, however, free from these conditions and can concentrate on the functionality of the system by identifying the different paths of use in order to verify its correct functioning.

It is important to remember that every bug, every defect of supply, every problem encountered by the customer during the opening of a package compromises the image of your company. AppCare helps you keep the quality of your work high.

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