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Giuliano Bosco


The quality control activities of a software require a high effort and a rigorous methodological approach. AppCare provides you with skilled resources:

  • in defining and formalizing the documentation that describes the various tests to be performed (test rules / test cases) starting from the “functional specifications” of the system to be tested
  • in carrying out the various tests following the documentation made and integrating it with the verifications of which emerges the need “in progress”
  • in documenting the results of the tests performed to make corrective interventions
  • performing new test cycles to verify the fixes and to perform non-regression tests on all system functionalities in order to verify their stability, a fundamental prerequisite for the release in production of the system or application

The resources that operate in AppCare provide you with a consolidated experience in carrying out QA activities. For years they have worked in large companies active in mobile marketing and web systems for the market, for the sales force and for the administrative functions where they have acquired skills and methodologies that improve the quality of your mobile applications and your web systems. to better manage the controls on your delivery systems or on your e-commerce shipments.

The resources that operate in AppCare have a solid experience gained over many years of activity in large companies within the Information Technology (IT) and the “user functions” responsible for the functional definition of the systems.

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